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Madeleine my Love

Madeleine my Love

I'm Marisa. 22 years old. Momma to a beautiful baby girl born November 7, 2013.

cloth diapering. co-sleeping. breastfeeding. babywearing.

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Missed you guys

My phone was off for 4 months, so much crazy mess has been going on but I’m back and I missed you allll

Need control. Need balance. Need peace. Part of me wants my eating disorder back just to grasp onto something orderly. I’ve been feeling triggered (self harm) lately too but could never subject my girl to having a mommy doing that. Life is tough. Life will get better.

I’m so sick of everything.

Weeeee! Let ttc commence :)

Do not click your tongue at my child. She is not an animal.

I should have started this tag forever ago omg. It would have helped but were finally moving yay.

I’m going to regret this.

I haven’t seen 1:30am in god knows how long. I had this bright idea to straighten my hair this evening which I never do (haven’t in almost a year). If any of you have seen pictures of my thick, curly hair you can only imagine how long it took me (plus I had to nurse my child to sleep in the middle of straightening it). Then my split ends were horrible, apparently they aren’t that noticeable when my hair is curly. Soooo then I looked up a YouTube video and gave myself a full blown haircut. Now here I am totally not loving what time it is. Plussss Madeleine didn’t have solid food for dinner only breastmilk so I know she is going to wake up a bunch to nurse. Yay.

My heart. I can’t believe she is already over eight months old.

Can not deal with life.

Small update.



We’re officially ttc baby number two. I have no patience for this haha. I just want to be pregnant now!

Eeee! I’m excited for you! Will you keep the shop on instagram?

I know I’m quite excited :) and yes!! The things I’m selling on there we don’t really use. Once I get a chance I’m gonna put up some handmade dipes and what not but finding time is hard plus were packing up to move right now! So happy we’re moving but it will take more time getting everything situated with an 8 month old in tow!

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